Obstacle Avoidance

One of the added features of the Al Seer Marine USV Systems is its Obstacle Avoidance capability. Designed specifically to avoid water borne collisions.

There are many collision warning systems being widely used within large shipping entities to private pleasure yachts. As a function of the onboard Auto Pilot Systems. Mostly utilizing Radar and AIS (Automatic Identification Systems). Modern day mariners can reduce “human error,” analyse potential dangers, predict a potential collision and suggest an alternative route.

In the autonomous space, the decision making process has to be taken further as the “human” aspect is no longer there. So, to avoid collisions, situational awareness, movement predictions and their associated actions need to be made via specific programming methods to avoid waterborne obstacles and potential hazards.

The Al Seer Marine Technologies Obstacle Avoidance System’s capability was designed with three major objectives in mind:

  • Waterline obstacles. Sand bars, coral reefs and underwater debris and a multitude of other underwater collision “threats.”
  • Prevent collisions with floating debris.
  • Collision Avoidance with other vessels.