Al Seer Marine Technologies Training Institute is committed to providing cost-effective training solutions, producing the highest quality standards throughout all its training processes.

Training requirements are specifically analysed with our clients in order to design and deliver bespoke training solutions.

Our mentoring and advisory approach allows for individual, team, collective, continuation and refresher training ensuring our clients maintain their operational effectiveness.

ASM adopts a Quality Management System (QMS) ensuring that constant checks, reviews and analysis of results are carried out. Our evaluation methods seek to examine the effectiveness and efficiency of trainees and training activities, this facilitates qualitative data to our clients to demonstrate a return on investment.


Our training is stimulating, rewarding, realistic, challenging and enjoyable, we achieve this by:

  • Thorough planning
  • Documentation
  • The skills and knowledge of our instructors
  • Mentoring and Management
  • ASMT Resources
  • The application of the learner

Training Overview

Our constant self-evaluation ensures that our training is:

  • Efficient and effective
  • Focused on the operational requirement
  • Necessary
  • Flexible
  • Appropriate

ASMT pitches all training at the correct level, this allows for trainee errors, followed by delivering constructive feedback in lessons learnt that are explained during after action reviews.