Al Seer Marine Technologies, based in Abu Dhabi UAE, proudly presents it’s non export controlled Modular USV System. With a growing demand for Unmanned Systems in the rapidly developing autonomous space, innovation, design and flexibility are critical.

Our innovative, modular USV System isn’t bound by any existing platform. Our team of designers and experts can build to an exact specification or utilize and adapt our existing platforms to suit every type of operation.

Al Seer Marine Technologies has the ability to integrate Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) and legacy Government Furnished Equipment (GFE), Communication equipment, optical and sensor arrays.

With our numerous procurement and leasing options, we believe it makes the Al Seer Marine Technologies USV System one of the most attractive and flexible USV solutions in the world.


The Al Seer Marine Technologies USV program facility is purpose built and spaced over 22,000 square meters. The state of the art, temperature controlled units’ house the full spectrum of pre and post production work flow. R&D, advanced composites, fabrication, electronics and systems through to our Center of Excellence, training facility and simulator rooms.


Our vision is to be a premier, non-export controlled maritime solutions provider. Developing, building and manufacturing innovative and technically advanced solutions for all types of maritime tasks. With unparalleled flexibility and efficiency Al Seer Marine Technologies aims to deliver solutions to both the commercial and defense sectors across the globe.